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The Hypnosis Clinic

The Hypnosis Clinic is an association of trained hypnotherapists based around the UK.  We practice in Cambridge, Birmingham, London, Guildford, Camberley, Portsmouth, Salisbury.  Each hypnotherapist in the group specialises in a particular area of hypnosis and so can refer patients with very specific requirements to an expert practitioner. 

Can hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy Treatments can help with - anxiety disorders , panic attacks, weight loss, stop smoking, alcohol issues, phobias, hypochondria, eating disorders, eating habits, sleeping problems, sexual dysfunction - or any other problem where you feel that your mind is acting on your body. 

Hypnosis can be a very useful way for you to move forward and achieve your goals in life.

What does it entail?

Hypnotherapists use direct suggestion, cognitive or behavioural therapy as well as (but not always) regression techniques. Before you embark on any treatment with The Hypnosis Clinic, and whatever your particular anxiety, fear or phobia, we will explain exactly how hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your problem.  

What will happen when I come along?

Many people don't know what to expect the first time they try hypnosis so here are some simple rules:

  • The hypnotherapist will only amplify your own will power
  • After hypnotherapy there is no loss of memory
  • Under hypnosis you will never lose control
  • At the end of a session you will feel relaxed and more in control

If you have doubts about any aspect of the treatment, please talk to your practitioner.

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