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Anxiety in Portsmouth

Anxiety can be brought about by specific (work, colleagues, presentations, fear of illness), or non specific issues, just a feeling of impending pressure.

Hypnotherapy can alleviate anxiety by direct suggestion and by behavioural training both in trance and using self hypnosis can alleviate anxiety and help break mind loops of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can remove anxiety triggers and be used to dissociate you from these anxiety causing problems.  Helping you regain motivation and move forward to a higher quality of life.

Extreme Anxiety can cause panic attacks, (For hypnotherapy treatment of Panic attacks, visit panic attacks ), blushing, profuse sweating, trembling, and other symptoms of anxiety, including difficulty talking and nausea, and over all feeling of dread or other stomach discomfort, irregular heartbeat.

Work related stress  Hypnosis can elevate the stress concerning,  performance, targets, a person or people at work who just demotivate you, or just change totally that journey to work which is currently wasted time. more information

The experience of anxiety can range from mild uneasiness and worry to severe panic. At a reasonable level, short bursts of anxiety can motivate us and enhance our performance. If anxiety becomes too severe or chronic, however, it can become debilitating.

Anxiety typically involves an emotional component (e.g. fear, nervousness), a physical component (e.g. trembling, dry mouth, heart racing, stomach churning) and a cognitive component (frightening thoughts, e.g. I'm going to fail/make a fool of myself/loose control). These can then affect our behaviour, for example by putting off or stopping work, avoiding people, not sleeping, or drinking too much.

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