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Stop Smoking in Surrey

Stop Smoking in Surrey  -  Hypnosis Clinic using hypnotherapy to stop smoking

Stop Smoking using hypnotherapy - a single 90 minute session, the answer for heavy or social smokers.


If you're looking to stop smoking using hypnotherapy in the Camberley area -

contact Eve on 01276 65598 or visit Stop Smoking in Surrey for further information or to book appointment.


"Since I've seen you I have not felt like a cigarette, not had a cigarette, not gone near a cigarette and not even been bothered by other people smoking them. Thank you very much - it worked brilliantly". Andy, Surrey


If you live in or around the Camberley area and you want to give up smoking, then call Eve. Enjoy your last cigarette just before the therapy session, come in, and leave as a non smoker.


If you want to stop smoking with no withdrawal symptoms and no cravings, then use hypnotherapy to quit.

Print a brochure.


Smoking a cigarette can shorten your life by 6 minutes. Twenty cigarettes per day means you are shortening your life by 2 hours each day or almost 3 days for each month that you smoke. Twenty cigarettes per day costs will cost you around £155 per month or £1,862 per year. Just think of the benefits you gain when you give up - better health and more money in your pocket.



Why can it be so difficult to quit smoking on your own?

Smoking your first cigarette probably made you feel a bit dizzy or made you cough because your body did not want it - but you kept at it. After all friends and adults around you smoked. You persisted and soon the unpleasant effects had gone and your body had accepted the fact that you were going to smoke. Smoking became a part of your life when your unconscious mind decided to integrate smoking into your daily routine... automatically. Now you don't have to think about when you want to smoke or even if you want to smoke. Your unconscious mind has linked the times, the places, the situations to create an automatic behaviour.


However when you decide to quit, you decide this at a conscious level - but your unconscious mind has automated your smoking habit and made it a part of who you are. It ignores your conscious desire and decision and continues to provide your conscious mind with the triggers and thoughts about smoking. As your unconscious mind is more dominant and therefore stronger than your conscious mind you experience conflicting desires. That is why you can stop smoking for a period of time but because of the conflicting desires, the unconscious mind usually wins and you return to smoking again. So how can you get the unconscious mind to agree with your conscious decision... hypnosis.



Background to smoking

Many smokers believe, or are led to believe, that they are addicted to tobacco products. They may be surprised to learn that all the scientific studies carried out on the subject of this supposed addiction, a surprising number are ambivalent on the matter.


It is eye-opening to compare the behaviour of those who take substances that are accepted to create a chemical, body-dependant addiction and smokers. A true addict simply has to take the substance they are addicted to and make sure that they take the correct amount of that substance or they suffer serious side effects. These side effects may include nausea, heart palpitations, hallucinations, vomiting and lapsing into a coma. On the other hand, if a smoker is unable to smoke, perhaps due to a stay in hospital, a long plane journey or simply having a bad cold or sore throat, they may become a little grumpy or short tempered, but suffer none of the previously-mentioned side effects. If a smoker who usually smokers 30 cigarettes a day for some reason only smokes 20, they do not have to 'make-up' the amount of tobacco they did not take the next day whilst a true addict simply has to ingest the 'correct' amount of the substance that they are addicted to.

Those smoking-cessation methods that treat smoking as an addiction (patches, gum etc) have a very low success rate, acknowledged to be around 23%. The makers of the drug Zyban state that the drug is only effective if it is taken in conjunction with 'psychological intervention'.

Hypnotherapy is the most effective form of psychological intervention. In the vast majority of cases, provided a smoker truly wants to quit smoking, a single session (taking around a total time of one and a half hours) is effective.



Smoking: the facts

Enjoy the financial benefits:

•  20 cigarettes a day per month = £140. That's £1,680 extra in your pocket per year.


Enjoy the health benefits: * ASH statistics

•  Each cigarette contains 4,000 different chemicals of which 128 are carcinogenic
•  After 48 hours nicotine is eliminated from the body
•  After 5 years the chances of dying from cancer are significantly reduced


It has been known since the 1950s that smoking causes lung cancer. But smoking is also associated with more than 50 different diseases and disorders - many fatal. Half of all people who continue to smoke will be killed by it - losing an average of 16 years of life. In Britain, smoking kills 120,000 people per year.


Secondhand smoke causes a range of impacts from cancer and heart disease to irritation of eyes and stinking clothes. Nearly half of all children in Britain live in a smoking household and over 17,000

under-5s are hospitalised as a result of their parents' smoking each year. * ASH statistics



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