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Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents in Berkshire



Children have several problems/issues that Hypnotherapy can help with in just a few sessions: stammering, shyness, tics, nail biting, exams fears, fears of animals, fear of darkness, enuresis/bedwetting, anger problems, lack of confidence etc……


You do not need to have your child hypnotised: if your child is suffering from an emotional or mental stress that is being expressed in several Physical symptoms, then your child is already under HYPNOSIS.

For a confidential discussion call Amreeta Chapman on 0118 926 9978 / 0786 129 3634 or visit her website at www.innerpotential.info


Children are the BEST HYPNOTHERAPISTS in the world: think about how entranced you become when you watch your child acting a world war with his cars or how mesmerized you feel when she starts telling you about the magical world of her teddy bear or doll!! Children can paint such vivid inner worlds and they can pull us into those with them very readily because at that stage of their lives they are not yet inhibited by the critical, logical, rational part of their brain yet. They have no doubt at all that what they are saying is true thereby their brain also never question the reality of what they paint. Imagine how difficult you find it to pull them out of the world of imagination to do some homework!!


So long as they are painting constructive imagery, imagery of self-mastery where they are the Pilot of the aircraft or the Nurse, imagery of a world that is making them feel secure about their development that is all very well. The problem occurs when children are undergoing some mental/emotional stress which gets expressed in different ways some of which are listed above.


The list can be very long but the basis is often the same( please note that we can only say this after the child has been medically examined and no physical cause of the above behaviours has been found): children have difficulty expression emotions/fears in words, they prefer acting it out.


While they are undergoing these issues they are painting a very scary inner world of images of self-defeatism, weaknesses, failures, incompetence which makes the symptoms grow worse.


HYPNOTHERAPY can help in these cases by helping the child to replace those defeating inner stories that they are constantly replaying (Remember that they are doing all of this on a very unconscious level; read “paradox of the unconscious mind” “homepage” to understand the unconscious mind) with more constructive and long lasting beliefs in their own competence, abilities. This especially occurs within six to ten years when children are under psychological and social pressures to prove that they are competent at something!!


I have found it much easier to put young children under trance with their little eyes wide open as that is the way they daydream anyway most of the day when they are playing. Children's imagination makes it easier to access their unconscious mind which is more repressed in adults as children are more relaxed and receptive to their inner creative mind than adults.


I do understand that it is a very important decision to decide about HYPNOTHERAPY FOR YOUR CHILD. So feel free to call me on 0118 926 9978/ 0786 129 3634 and leave a message and I will call you as soon as I am free.


Below are two testimonials from parents who brought their children to hypnotherapy/hypnosis for different problems:


Testimonial from Mother of a fourteen year old child:

My son refused to eat any food except chips and other forms of potatoes since he was seven years old when I separated from his father. I thought with time he will grow out of it but things just got worse.

When my G.P advised that his bones were getting weak and M. found himself that he could not stay in his favourite sports for long hours like his friends, we both agreed to try Hypnotherapy. M. said he wanted to eat now, because he wanted to feel strong and tall and he was ashamed of his height and slim body, but he could not even smell meat or even fruits.

After just two sessions M. came shopping with me for the first ever time and bought roast chicken and wanted to try grapes!! Over the next few months he started eating at table with the family and he was trying a bit of our everyday meal. His confidence in himself also grew and he was smiling more than before. We had in all six sessions with Amreeta. I do not know how it worked but it did work. M. told me about the self-hypnosis he was taught and was practising in his room. He seemed to enjoy that. (Windsor)



Testimonial from Father of fifteen year old son:


I am writing to say thank you for helping my son grow over his deep anxiety and worrying tendencies. A. developed into a very worried child after I got divorced and moved with him into my partner's house. He was seven then but his symptoms developed into anger and aggression at school, that's when we thought of Hypnotherapy. It's been six months now, after we last saw you for his fifth session, and I am pleased to say he is happy and very integrated back in school and his favourite sports!! (Maidenhead)



voice to work for you instead of against you with Hypnotherapy…… Three to five sessions are all that you need to change your inner enemy into your best friend!!


Below is one such testimonial:


“I cannot believe all it took was five sessions of Hypnotherapy with Amreeta to change my views on myself. Coming from a large family where I was the youngest, I was used to being bullied and pushed in the lines both at home and school. Something kept shrieking inside that I deserved to be here as well, but it never came out. When I met this lovely man in my life I needed to do something for our sake, both of us. I was too shy to go places with him; even the idea of getting married and being the focus made me shrink although I loved him to bits! then I contacted amreeta and we started Hypnosis. Today I believe in myself and feel confident to go places and even visit the local pub with my future husband and even manage to have lots of fun!!”(lady in her late twenties, Wokingham)


feel confident to go places and even visit the local pub with my future husband and even manage to have lots of fun!!”(lady in her late twenties, Wokingham)



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