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CBT in Cambridge

CBT - The Hypnosis Clinic  using Hypnotherapy for a better Life

Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for anxiety issues, panic attacks, phobias in the hypnotic state rapidly establishes new behaviours and perceptions that CBT on its own will take much longer to become internalised.  Dr Rutherford is trained to use CBT techniques in the hypnotic state.

For Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for all issues in the Cambridge and East Anglia region Dr James Rutherford operates his practice out of the Frank Lee Centre on the Addenbrookes Hospital Site.

James Rutherford also works with his own practice and has referrals from nhs/ private pain consultants as well as providing help with anxiety for the occupational health service at SWBH, Birmingham.

For a confidential discussion call 0779 2108272 or e-mail  Click Here (e-mails are answered personally usually the same day)

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