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Pain Conrol in Salisbury

Pain Control in Salisbury                                    The Hypnosis Clinic

Try a simple experiment. Do you remember a time when one of your hands was really cold, or maybe you went swimming and the water was icy? Do you really remember how it felt? Close your eyes and remember where you were, how old you were and who you were with. What are you talking about? What are you wearing? Imagine looking at yourself...

Really visualise yourself in that situation..it's as if you're in that situation now. I wonder if you're beginning to notice a slight change in the way you feel the temperature?


The above is an example of what's known as 'guided visualisation'. It's quite likely that you didn't notice much in the way of a change in temperature, without guidance it's quite a difficult exercise, so give yourself a pat on the back if you did notice a different sensation.

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Now, I can't switch off the pain for you, apart from anything else pain does serve a useful function ~ it tells you that something is wrong and somehow blocking out that warning could prove dangerous. Imagine if you were experiencing chest pains and a numbness in one of your arms, the classic symptoms of a heart attack. If you experienced that I'm sure you'd seek medical help immediately, you'd be well advised to..you wouldn't be well advised to 'block out' the pain and ignore it. However, if you could somehow 'turn the pain down' whilst you were seeking medical help then that would be of benefit to you.

If you suffer from chronic pain you'll know that over time pharmacological pain relief loses its effectiveness. Imagine for a moment if you could somehow change the pain, turn down its intensity, if only for a little while. How much better would your quality of life be?

I'm sure that there's been times when you've not noticed the pain that you usually experience, either you've been distracted by something and momentarily 'forgotten' it or you've had a really good laugh about something and for a few moments you've simply not experienced the pain. I'll tell you a story, it's not an original I'm afraid but it does illustrate the point.

Little Johnny had been doing some reading about the power of the mind and had come across the statement 'how you feel affects the way that you think and how you think affects the way you feel'.not really understanding this, he asked his mum to explain. Instead of doing so she told him to go outside and ask Grandma (who was sitting in the garden) how her lumbago was today.the little lad did so and his Grandma told him that it was terrible, she was in a lot of pain and it probably meant that the weather was going to change for the worse. Little Johnny went back inside and recounted this to his mother, still not understanding how this answered his question. OK, said his mother, now go back outside and ask Grandma if she remembers the time she took you to the circus and how the clowns pretended to throw a pie at you, but it was really attached to a piece of string so it never got anywhere near you. Puzzled, Johnny did as his mother suggested and much to his surprise Grandma burst out laughing. She just sat there laughing with the tears running down her face and then she told Johnny about the time she had taken his mother to the circus when his mother was a little girl, and how much fun they'd had.

Still not understanding Johnny went back inside and demanded an explanation. 'It's really simple' explained his mother, 'when you asked Grandma about her lumbago she remembered how much pain she was in, but when you asked her about something that was totally unconnected with her lumbago but was a very happy memory, as she remembered it, it was as if she was reliving the memory ~she was actually there at the circus again, and she just forgot about the lumbago. You see, she was literally thinking happy thoughts, reliving a happy memory and that made her feel better'.

Now, I'm not suggesting that all you need to do is go around thinking happy thoughts and the pain will magically go away, I'm afraid it's a bit more complicated than that. But just imagine for a moment that you could disassociate yourself from the pain, maybe put it in a box for a while or imagine that the area where you feel the pain is going very cold and numb, so cold and numb that you just can't feel anything in that area.

You have to be prepared to put in a bit of work on this. I can teach you an easy method of self-hypnosis, which you're going to have to practice on a regular basis. Then, after a chat (let's call this taking a case history) I can find an image or experience in your life that will help you to control the pain. I can teach you how to 'conjure up' a lack of feeling. It's all done by the power of your mind. It's not magic, it's not spooky, it's a perfectly natural phenomena.

From my experience, provided people are prepared to put in the effort, after two sessions they begin to experience some degree of pain relief. Why not give me a call on

01980 591691



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