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About the Hypnosis Clinic

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Hypnotherapy in Cambridge, Woodford, London, Safron Walden,
SWBS Sandwell and City Hospital, & Birmingham

Practitioner      Dr James Rutherford  BSc. (Hon's), BSCH (Assoc)
practitioner no 7656


People come from all over the UK, Europe and even from the States to receive therapy. James specialises in anxiety , panic attacks, issues with alcohol and coping with pain in everyday and work life as well as phobias, stop smoking and performance anxiety. James is also trained in hypnobirthing to help with child birth.  He holds a clinic at The Frank Lee Centre on the Addenbrookes Hospital Site as well as in his private clinic a few minutes walk from Addenbrookes.. James is regularly interviewed by the BBC for hypnotherapy issues.

He also provides anxiety, panic attack, stress and assertiveness counseling for the Occupational Health Department of Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital, SWBH.

James also is part of the Joseph Clinic, a leading clinic in London, (S Woodford).

Contact    e-mail    The Hypnosis Clinic or tel. 0779 210 82 72

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Hypnotherapy in Camberley, Surrey

Practitioner       Eve Kelsey,  D.Hyp, PDCHyp, BSCH (Member)   practitioner no. 7763

Eve Kelsey is a tutor for the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is registered with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She specialises in anxieties and stop smoking. She uses the latest techniques for issues ranging from stop smoking to excessive drinking dealing with anxiety, panic attacks , phobias , performance anxiety and stress .   Eve also works with other issues such as confidence, goal achievement, weight control, IBS, hypertension and sleep problems.  In addition to her work at the Surrey Hypnosis clinic, she provides services for corporate organisations.  To learn more:

Contact  e-mail. (click on)   Eve Kelsey    Tel: 01276 65598



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                                          or visit www.surreyhypnosisclinic.co.uk

Hypnotherapy in Salisbury and Wiltshire

Practitioner      Mrs Karen Stanley  D.Hyp BSCH (Assoc) practitioner no. 7891

Karen has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH) and runs a successful practice near Salisbury in Wiltshire.  As an Associate Member Karen abides by its ethical code of conduct and respects its high professional standards.  Karen specialises in Smoke Cessation and Weight Control as well as offering treatment for a variety of other problems, her consultation  room are at the Barcroft Medical Centre, Amesbury, SP47DL

Contact  (click on)   Karen Stanley or  tel.      01980 591691 or 07968 734569     

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Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth
Practitioner      Mr Tim Groom, RGN BSocSci BA(Hon's) BSCH (Assoc) practitioner no. 7691

Tim  has been working as a trauma nurse and therapist for 25 years and specialises in clinical conditions that his experience from nursing has  made him well suited for.  Tim also involves himself with lifestyle issues including weight control, insomnia and smoking cessation as well as the wide range of treatments associated with hypnotherapy.

A former flight nurse and paramedic he also works with emergency services staff applying stress management using an integrative model involving "re-scripting processes", traditional counseling and hypnotherapy.

He holds his clinic at The Quiet Mind Centre 32 Lorne Road, Southsea.

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Hypnotherapy in Reading Wokingham Windsor and Slough

Practitioner       Amreeta Chapman                                         practitioner no. 7481

Amreeta is trained as a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist. As a hypnotherapist she specialises in treating emotional and mental issues such as, depression, panic attacks, phobias, low self-esteem, confidence problems, anger/aggression management, sexual abuse/problems as well as she works extensively with children/adolescents regarding issues of shyness, anger/aggression in school, exams fears, stammering, nail biting and bedwetting problems.

Amreeta holds her clinics at ;

Reading: Life Story Therapeutic Centre
Wokingham: Bliss Therapy Centre
Maidenhead: Body Peace Complementary Centre
Windsor: ZenShiatsu Holistic Health Centre

Contact (click on)     or Tel. 0118 926 9978 

For more information visit www.innerpotential.info

Hypnotherapy in Birmingham
Practitioner      Mr Matt Krouwel , BA. Hons, D. Hyp. PD.Hyp               practitioner no. 6356

Matt is a lecturer with the London College of Clynical Hypnosis and specialises with phobias and anxiety issues as well as stop smoking and alcoholproblems.

Contact  Matt on 0121 476 6751   or (click on)  Birmingham Hypnotherapy


About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a means of communicating with the unconscious mind which represents 90% of what you are, think do and behave.  It is practiced using the relaxed the body in a very relaxed state, but the mind is active.  Each therapy should leave the patient relaxed, refreshed, optimistic and more in control.

What Hypnosis is not

The patient may be relaxed but they have absolute control.
There is no loss of memory of what happened under hypnosis.
Hypnosis is amplifying the patient's will power. 
There is no domination of the patient.
There is no swinging watch or Svengali type control of the patient.

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