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Relief from Phobias in Camberley

Relief from Phobias in Camberley


If you find yourself getting anxious of heights, speeches, frogs, open or enclosed spaces, dentists, needles - however irrational the fear - hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help with phobias quickly and efficiently in a calm and relaxed manner. For more information call Eve Kelsey on 01276 65598 or email


Hypnotherapy can alleviate the anxiety rapidly. Various relaxation, deconditioning and desensitising approaches using hypnosis are employed together with direct suggestions to lessen the anxiety so that a new and more relaxed response is achieved. This then allows you to be in control so you can do what to and go where you want to. The results can be fast and effective.


Whatever your phobia, fear or anxiety, we will explain how hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your problem. Three sessions of hypnotherapy with self hypnosis is often

sufficient to dramatically improve your quality of life.


For detailed information visit: www.surreyhypnosisclinic.co.uk


A phobia is an abnormal fear which is brought on by a particular object or situation which leads to avoidance of that object or situation.


When a person has a phobic response, they are likely to experience an extremely paralysing fear along with symptoms of panic. People who suffer from phobias know that their reaction to the object or situation seems irrational to the rest of the world and often they see it as such themselves. However, know this makes no difference and can often only increase the emotional distress and embarrassment the sufferer feels.


Hypnosis helps by

  • alleviating the anxiety
  • deconditioning the habitual responses
  • breaking the mind loop of anxiety
  • desensitising the sufferer from the stimulus
  • gaining confidence to move forward with calmness and feelings of control.




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