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Anxiety in Camberley

Anxiety - Hypnotherapy in Camberley


For anxiety treatment using hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire region, Eve Kelsey operates her practice from the Surrey Hypnosis Clinic in Camberley. To find out more call Eve on 01276 65598 or email [email protected]


Anxiety is a state of mind that we all experience from time to time. I'm quite sure you can remember having feelings of nervousness and tension in your body at some point in your life - your first date, a job interview. It is important to know that some degree of anxiety is unavoidable. However it's when anxiety becomes excessive or out of control that it needs to be attended.


Hypnotherapy can alleviate anxiety. It can bring in rapid change in the way you feel and respond to people or situations. Hypnosis helps you to become more calm and confident. Using cognitive and behavioural therapy with hypnosis it is possible to break that anxiety loop and for any long term issues to be addressed.


For detailed information on resolving anxiety issues in Camberley, Surrey using hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


Anxiety is a response to a potentially challenging or threatening experience. A bodily reaction is triggered and it's happening automatically and on an unconscious level. Now this physical and biological change is normal - it is a protective mechanism that helped our ancestors to survive and is often referred to as the "fight and flight response". It prepares the body for immediate action - to stand and fight, or to run away - in order to protect itself from perceived harm.


Modern stressors - and our responses to them - do not compare to those faced by our ancestors. We are rarely faced with physical threat - the majority of our anxiety occurs at a psychological level. As our mind perceives psychological stress as being a threat to the body, the fight and flight response is automatically activated. By using hypnosis and psychotherapeutic approaches, you can learn new ways of responding, feeling calm, so that your fight and flight response is not activated needlessly.


Panic Attacks

Some people experience anxiety through the feeling of panic. A panic attack can last from 5 to 30 minutes. The sufferer can feel fine one minute and the next find themselves in the grip of fear and anxiety for no apparent reason.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy will help reduce your anxiety causing the panic attack and break the habit of anxiety. Altogether you will find yourself dealing with the situation in a much more appropriate way - feeling calm and confident.


To find out more call Eve on 01276 65598.


An attack is usually preceded by a feeling of something being "not quite right". This then quickly escalates into sheer panic, absolute terror and a feeling of being out of control. The thoughts that follow the initial sense of foreboding cause a powerful physiological response which then reinforces the thoughts. This feedback loop between thought and sensation exacerbates the condition, causing anxiety to spiral out of control. Unfortunately, fear of an attack often bring on the condition itself. By using hypnosis the mind loop can be broken allowing you to react, feel and behave more calmly.








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