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Alcoholism and issues with Drinking in Cambridge & London

Resolving Alcohol issues using Hypnotherapy - The Hypnosis Clinic

If it is heavy drinking in social situations, drinking to alleviate anxieties, alcoholism or to resolve issues with stress and / or sleep; hypnotherapy can rapidly resolve the issues with drinking.

For a confidential discussion call Dr James Rutherford, 0779 2108272 or e-mail  Click Here (e-mails are answered personally usually the same day)

Quote "......July 2010 Not been p...... once yet. rejoined the gym, I am getting there. This just after one session!

Quote ".....July 2010 My 4th day sober, no interest in alcohol at all, first time in 9 years. I had a craving on the way home but by the time I reached home it had gone. Since that time no cravings at all.

Quote  " .... At the years' end I just wanted once again to thank you for your help. The treatment is still working well, I have even gone through the Christmas festivities and other events taking in the minimum of alcohol, well inside 10 units a week. I am certainly much fitter physically under the new regime, perhaps a little less fun to be with, but certainly richer and free from those ghastly hangovers. All in all the treatment has been magnificently successful.                                                  

Quote  " ....it never fails to amaze me that this requires no conscious effort or will power, nor is it related to how long I stay up!  Being an alcoholic was frightening.  Problem solved           

Quote ".....The weekend went very well. I had a couple of wine sprites Saturday pm when out with friend, but did not follow up in the evening. Today and yesterday I had  very busy, extremely stressful days, and had one beer with my dinner yesterday, which was about 10pm, and nothing today. I would normally have had 5 bottles of wine in that space!"                                                             

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Typical examples;

A professional person in a responsible position in the community was drinking a bottle of spirits per day; after one 90 minute session this was down to zero and so far has remained that way.  Although not all instances are like this, hypnotherapy can dramatically help.

An accountant with a significant problem was put on track by asking to put a balance sheet together while under hypnosis of the financial costs of their drinking.  The remedy was instantaneous. 

A single parent, was drinking in excess of a bottle of wine per night, every night for the last five years.  There life was just passing in an sleepy blur each evening.  One session was enough to take them off the habit.

Be warned, its not always this easy!!!!

Group pressure and work pressure can lead to just drinking too much.  Without using aversion therapy, hypnosis can be used to heighten your control of drinking and allow drinking to stay sober.  , or give up drinking alcohol totally.  Improving the persons quality of life, relationships and money in their pocket.

Medically the nearest equivalent to the term "alcoholism" is a state of physical / psychological dependence on alcohol. The sufferer experiences a strong desire or compulsion to drink alcohol. Alcoholics have a high tolerance for alcohol. If you begin to feel that you can't function properly without having a drink, you should seek help before it is too late.


When drinking too much, Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be used to take back control and this can be done in a relatively short number of sessions.  

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