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Stress in Camberley

Managing Stress using Hypnosis in Camberley


When the stress is brief the body's system will kick in and reduce the stress levels and return the body to normal. However, if the stress response continues for a prolonged period with inadequate rest and relaxation or physical exercise, the mind and body will eventually suffer.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment and the results can be rapid. Eve Kelsey will help you to manage and deal with your levels of stress, enabling you to take back control and improve your quality of life. Call on 01276 65598 or email [email protected] .


Hypnotherapy has a range of very effective tools for finding solutions and effecting change. You will benefit physically and mentally. Letting your body and mind cast aside worries and tension for a time will allow your heart beat to slow down, your blood pressure to drop, your adrenaline levels to fall, and promote better quality sleep and a clearer mind.


Positive suggestions using hypnosis, fall into your unconscious mind rather than being brushed aside by your more cynical conscious mind. This makes it much easier for you to cultivate positive change.


For more information visit www.surreyhypnosisclinic.co.uk .


If stress is not managed, physical and mental health problems can arise such as: headaches, insomnia, panic attacks, high blood pressure and stress related conditions such as IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Hypertension.


The pressure of living in a modern society means our lives are fraught with negative anxiety. Mental distress has become very common - to the extent that it is now factored in the Health and Safety at Work Act. There is no doubt that the pace of life these days can be fast and furious.


The recognition and management of stress levels is vital for good health.








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