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Terms and Conditions

By accepting an appointment with the Hypnosis Clinic or hypnotherapists found via the web site thehypnosisclinic.co.uk, the patient by accepting the appointment accepts the following as conditions for the appointment.

1. The therapy is entirely for the benefit of the patient.

2. The patient agrees that if, after any session they do not feel fully alert, they will immediately inform the therapist.

3. The therapist’s is bound by the BACP code of conduct and in the event of grievance the BSCH grievance procedure. This is available online.

4. At all times there is complete confidentiality between therapist and patient. The therapist has the right to not inform third parties even at the behest of the patient.

5. The patient will disclose all relevant personal and medical information to the therapist and has agreed to the therapist contacting their GP if this should be necessary.

6. Future events can impact on the effect of the therapy therefore although therapy is effective long term, there are no guarantees that can be made that conditions may return or other effects become apparent.

7. The length of the appointment is at the discretion of the therapist.  Although scheduled for a specific length of time, if it is appropriate to end the session earlier this is at the discretion of the therapist. Therapy will be cognitive as well as by hypnosis. Although most patients enter the hypnotic state it cannot be guaranteed that the patient goes deeply into trance. The patients claim that they did not enter trance is not a valid reason for refund of part or all the consultation fees.

8. Cancellation of appointment within 24 hours of the appointment or failure to attend will incur a cancellation charge.  This may be waived at the discretion of the therapist.  This charge is typically 50% of the appointment charge.




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