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Weight Loss in Salisbury & Wiltshire

Karen Stanley is a qualified hypnotherapy practitioners and have had a great deal of experience with patients looking to control their weight easily and effortlessly. 

They practice from Amesbury and for a confidential discussion or an appointment

phone 01980 591691 or click on .


A Typical Weight Control Program


Actually, if you're looking for another diet I'm afraid that you're not likely to be able to help yourself much, either. Of course you'll be successful (for a while). I'm sure that you'll look great in whatever clothes you want to get into (the ones tucked away in the back of the wardrobe?) and everybody will compliment you on how well you look, how much weight you've lost ~ and you'll feel great. In fact, you'll feel as great as you've felt great in the past when you've successfully dieted ~ did you say to yourself 'I'm never, ever going to allow myself to get so heavy again?' I bet you did.


Let me tell you why you failed to keep the weight off, it's actually very simple. When you go on a diet two things happen; Firstly, you expect to be miserable because you're going to be depriving yourself of foods that you really enjoy and secondly you've set yourself a target. Now of course we need targets and goals in our lives, but in this case you've said to yourself ' I'll go on this diet until I reach my target weight, then everything will be OK.' And of course, it isn't OK, because you haven't made any permanent changes, you've made a temporary change to achieve a specific goal, then you go back to doing what you've always done, and because you're doing what you've always done then you'll get the same result that you've always got.


Take back control of your eating habits!


Because that's what we're really talking about. Assuming that there are no hormonal reasons why you're overweight, if you eat a little less and exercise a little more then you will lose weight. It really is as simple as that ~ but that's a bit of a frightening thought , isn't it? That means that it isn't somebody else's fault that you're overweight, it's your fault; you've allowed food to control you, but don't worry because you are now going to take control of your eating habits.


Actually, I'll let you into a little secret, you're going to take back control of your life! Think about it, once you regain control of one area of your life can you imagine how empowered you'll feel?


Change your life.


That sounds dramatic, but just imagine if you changed it one bit at a time, so gradually that you hardly noticed the individual changes that you are making? For most people, eating is just a habit, something we do and don't really notice how much and how often we are eating. Well, that's the first thing we're going to change, right from the start I want you to become aware of what you're eating and when you're eating. Have you ever found yourself (if you have children) finishing the children's leftovers and then having 'your meal' later? Ever noticed that you eat when you're not hungry, or bored or upset? As you begin to take control of your eating habits you'll gain an understanding of why you do what you do and the key to making changes is to firstly understand what it is you want to change.

So You Want to Lose Weight ?


First things first. It's important that you realise a couple of things. The most important thing is that I cannot make you do anything that you don't want to do , and that includes controlling your weight; The program is individually created for you , so it is impossible to give you an exact session by session account of the areas that we are going to look at until you have returned your questionnaire and we have discussed it. However, to give you some idea of the structure of the program, I've given an outline below


You'll notice that there is a certain amount of repetition in the sessions. This is because we are laying down the foundations of change and gradually building on them, re-enforcing the foundations as we go. What we are trying to achieve is a change in the way that you think and feel about eating ,exercise, in fact life in general. Some people eat 'automatically', i.e. they have no idea of what they eat, how much they eat or when they eat. Others may eat for comfort, or boredom . We've already agreed that the best way of losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. Now this is fine in theory, and let's face it, if it were that simple, we'd all be pretty much at our desired weight! Of course, in reality, to eat less and exercise more involves a life-style change for most of us, and change is always difficult. It's much, much easier to remain the same!

I've indicated times with the session numbers. Don't worry if we run a couple of minutes over these times, because I certainly don't. If we're covering something really important, to you, then I won't just say "your times up, see you next session!" In reality, the times shown are a fairly accurate guide to planning your day.

The program itself comprises of five sessions, spread over an agreed period. Generally, I find it more beneficial if there is a two week gap between sessions one and two, and then three weeks to a month gap between the rest. This is because although you may well see an initial quick weight loss of five pounds (possible a bit more, possibly a little less) after that 'slow and steady' is the watchword.

Of course, you may not feel that you want or need all five sessions to achieve your goal. That's fine; each session is 'stand alone' in that each can produce a change in your lifestyle and eating habits. The cost of each session is £75 and please note that I do not accept credit cards.


Session 0ne:1:30- 2 hrs

This is spent discussing your questionnaire, finding out what, where and when you eat and also more importantly why you eat. I will explain about hypnosis, how it works and how it can help in a weight control program. We will then discuss what you want to get out of the program and you will decide on your 'goal weight', or desired clothes size. The trance session will concentrate on strengthening your resolve to change your lifestyle and put emphasis on you taking control of your life . If you take a lot of sugar (for example) in your diet, we will make a start on cutting down on the amount.

If it is difficult for you to set aside a two hour period, this first session can be split into two at no additional cost. The first session would be spent reviewing the questionnaire, discussing eating habits, explaining how hypnosis and hypnotherapy work. The second session then commences with setting goals and proceeds as outlined above. If you decide to opt for the two session format, then I would suggest that you allow 1hr 15 minutes for each session.

Finally, 'what changes will you have made by the next time we meet?' .

Session Two: 1 hr

This reviews your progress over the previous two weeks. Once again, we work on your resolve to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. We'll now begin work on cutting down on the amount of food that you eat, eating more healthily and start to get you motivated to take some exercise. Don't worry, you don't have to buy a leotard and join a health club. By exercise I mean something as simple as parking your car further away from the supermarket, or going for a walk at a convenient time.

'what changes will you have made by the next time we meet?'

Session Three: 1hr

Once again, we review progress over the last three weeks or month. We continue to boost your resolve to succeed. In hypnotherapy this is known as 'ego strengthening'. This session will concentrate on why you eat. We'll deal with the idea that you should eat for nutritional purposes and not because of boredom or as some sort of reward. Don't worry, it's OK to enjoy food, but only when you're hungry, not when you're bored. Of course, I'll be reminding you about exercise, cutting down on the amounts that you eat and eating more healthily. I'll also be introducing you to self-hypnosis.

'what changes will you have made by the next time we meet?'


Session Four: 1 hr

In this session I'm again going to emphasise that eating is something you do because you're hungry and need nutrition, not something you do for social reasons or because you've got nothing better to do. Naturally, you can still give a dinner party, or attend one, but you won't feel the need to eat more than you really want just because you're socialising. Again, we'll review your progress, work on the motivation to exercise more and maybe eliminate some of the more harmful foods, if you want to. If you decide that you truly want that one jam doughnut then I won't stop you, it's for you to decide.

'what changes will you have made by the next time we meet?'

Session Five: 1hr

Review of the progress to date. By now, you will have altered your lifestyle and you'll have noticed the way that your body is changing, provided you wanted to make the changes . We'll work on ego strengthening; maybe even eliminate your desire for that doughnut (if you want)! We'll examine your new attitude to food and exercise, and your desire to continue with your new, healthy lifestyle.

'what permanent changes have you now made in your life?'


So there you have it. Obviously different people have different attitudes to food and exercise. Different reasons for over-eating. The above is only a guide to what you can expect during the sessions. If you have a doughnut/chocolate or Danish pastry problem, I may feel it more beneficial to you if we immediately eliminate them! (Provided you agree, of course!)

Remember , Hypnosis is not magic. I cannot make you do anything that you do not want to do. If you truly want to make changes in your lifestyle, I can help you achieve your goal.




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