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Sexual problems in Cambridge

Sexual Issues - Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Sexual issues can be resolved rapidly using hypnotherapy removing anxiety about love making in a few sessions.  Then using behavioural therapy it is possible for long term issues to be addressed.

              Quote     "......just to let you know that the results were truly astounding!! Without
                             going into the gory details, suffice to say it was the best time in a
                             long time for all concerned! I'm extremely relieved and it has affected
                             many aspects of my life with regards to confidence and focus. I'm
                             continually astounded by the extraordinary power of hypnosis...

                            Thanks a lot, ..."

For Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in the Cambridge and East Anglia region Dr James Rutherford operates his practice out of the Frank Lee Center, on the Addenbrookes Hospital site. 

For a talk in confidence please contact Dr James Rutherford  0779 210 82 72

                                                             or e-mail [email protected]



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