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Hypnotherapy to boost confidence in Berkshire

Hypnotherapy to boost confidence and self esteem in Berkshire - The Hypnosis Clinic


Every moment of our life we feel under scrutiny of our own and others perceptions and judgements. It is important to distinguish the difference between the two: when we feel other people are judging us it is, in fact often our own thoughts that we are projecting on to them. They may not be thinking anything in the glance or smile they gave us but because we are thinking constantly about how inferior or lacking we are we often believe we see a confirmation of that in the other's behaviour.


The moment we accept this reality of life we recognise the value of our own thoughts and the vicious pattern that we are creating by feeding and maintaining negative, unhealthy images, thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Because what happens then is that we see every single other as confirming those images, feeling and thoughts constantly and the more we read them the more we feed and convince our mind of our own uselessness.

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From the moment we are born we receive messages about ourselves. The messages that we receive TELL US WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE ARE WORTH

If we were lucky to have received more positive messages then we grow with a positive self-image and self-worth but not all of us are that lucky.


For those of us who got mostly critical or judgmental messages such as 'get out of here', 'you are not good enough', 'you are a waste of my time', 'when will you do something with your life', 'nothing you do is good enough' we learn to believe that we are not supposed to have anything good to give, we are annoying and unpleasant to be around and that we should not bother trying because we are going to fail anyway

With messages like these coming in loud and clear how are we supposed to develop the courage to get to know others and form relationships later on in life? After all, if they get to know us they will find out just how annoying and unpleasant we really are!!


Positive messages encourage growth and a positive self-image while negative messages condition us to feel down about whom we are and doubt our own worth as human beings.


Hypnotherapy gives us a bridge into the UNCONSCIOUS MIND where all these messages and beliefs about our self worth are stored. We might have forgotten them and we are working in well paid jobs and succeeding on the surface of our lives but our inner feelings are still very derogatory; the feeling of success just does not reach and shine inside. We keep moving from challenge to challenge hoping the next one will bring more fulfilment but it just doesn't.


Each one of us has got an inner voice which comments, challenges, criticises or else encourages us with each and every activity we do at different times of the day. For some of us this inner voice changes from a critic to a friend very quickly but for others, despite all the effort at controlling this inner voice, it starts criticising them and their actions the moment they wake up and changes even a compliment received into “yes, I know my work was good BUT……” and there starts the judgemental tone again.


At the same time our body and behaviour seem to be operating under the inner voice's control: you may find your heartbeats speed up, your knees tremble and you start stammering or else start wishing you could disappear in a corner. The inner voice is having a great time ostracising you: “you know you will fail”, “I told you several times, no one likes you, so stop being so foolish”, “I must be looking awkward; why is she looking at me?” “I feel like a mouse; I am sure no one will even remember me if I disappear”, “if I open my mouth, I will say something stupid!” etc. It is true that


we have reached a point in our society where our senses pick up information from the media and makes us believe that if only we could own the best clothes, the thinnest body-image or the most expensive car we will be considered with admiration and acceptance. But after indulging some time in those illusions we realise that wherever we go and whatever we do or say, however we change our exterior image that little voice inside our head follows us. If it has a habit of belittling you it will still do so even if you win that next contract or girl/boy friend! One woman looks at herself very quickly in the mirror in the toilet: the inner voice says frustratingly “oh come on, you look okay….” She decides to buy an expensive dress for the party due the next day so that she may feel a bit more than okay. She wears it and arrives at the party which is very noisy and crowded. Her boyfriend does not notice her immediately and what does the inner voice cry out? “You must be looking less than okay; wow….How can you ever be like that woman he has smiled to just now?”


She looks down, her shoulders retreat and she answers in a little voice “I am okay” to the big hug given by the puzzled boyfriend who cannot believe how beautiful she is looking. Once she has convinced herself by her own inner voice that she does not, cannot belong at that party the night will drag on for her and she will keep on doubting her boyfriend's assurances that he is happy she is there, she will be miserable and come back home feeling more of a failure than ever. What do you think the inner voice will keep clamouring all night?


Of course this is not a hard and fast rule: some people have more flexible inner voices; but for those with critical, judgemental, insecure inner voices most situations are evaluated and measured by the inner voice. That is why despite their assuring themselves they are going to be confident or do well, when the time actually comes the inner voice takes over and belittles them. That inner voice is coming from the unconscious mind, the subconscious mind as it is known most of the time. We naturally develop our own inner commentator in early childhood depending on our experiences and the voices we have internalised from our family environment. Once in the unconscious mind we find it very difficult to change this inner commentator especially when we are not even aware of it and believe whatever it says on an unconscious level.


Do you remember being told “you are great; you are beautiful” and your inner voice answering “yeah, great; I don't think so; I am not sure…” and you felt embarrassed and shy to accept the compliment? That is simply because your inner voice believes and says to you “you do not deserve this; you have not worked hard enough for this; you are not good enough for this attention…” The main difference between confident, assertive and socially efficient people and shy, reserved, insecure or non-confident people is the inner voice and its authority over you every day in your life!! Even when hurt or frustrated a confident person's inner voice is immediately resourceful “it's okay; you'll be fine; it is just temporary” and it will bring imagery of times when he was successful to encourage him. And what happens to the insecure person's inner voice? “there; once again, you failed; it has always been like this with me; when am I going to accept that failure is part of me?” and his subconscious mind flashes images of times when he made similar messes and it will only discourage him.


Let me ask you a question: You arrive at a party where there are 50 people; 49 out of them smile at you and tell you how good you are looking; only 1 person comments on your pale face expression or your hairstyle in a ironic way. Who do you remember whenever you think of that party? A confident person will have the same hurt feeling as the insecure person but his resourceful inner voice will come to his rescue “it's okay; not everyone can like us; remember that woman who asked for your number: she was interested!!” But if you possess a very critical, judgemental inner voice it will keep reminding you of that comment for days every time you look at yourself in the mirror.


Hypnotherapy has numerous tools and techniques to turn your inner critical voice into a more constructive and resourceful one. Within three to five sessions your inner voice will become your best friend, encouraging and inspiring you, focusing your mind on the opportunities rather than the upsets in your life. With Hypnotherapy the more accepting and friendly your inner voice gets, the more you find yourself relying on your capacities and skills rather than hungering for other people's constant approval.


Hypnotherapy helps you access your unconscious, subconscious mind and retrain it to delete destructive self-messages and replace them with self-approving ones. When you learnt and accepted that critical, judgemental inner voice you were helpless and thus you feel helpless as if nothing can change it. The fact is important for you to realise: none of us is born with that inner voice. It is formed, trained and modelled through our years of past experiences and can be retrained and reprogrammed through Hypnotherapy which is a very safe relaxing way to reach the subconscious mind. So give yourself a chance to regain control and reprogram your inner voice to work for you instead of against you with Hypnotherapy…… Three to five sessions are all that you need to change your inner enemy into your best friend!!


Below is one such testimonial:


“I cannot believe all it took was five sessions of Hypnotherapy with Amreeta to change my views on myself. Coming from a large family where I was the youngest, I was used to being bullied and pushed in the lines both at home and school. Something kept shrieking inside that I deserved to be here as well, but it never came out. When I met this lovely man in my life I needed to do something for our sake, both of us. I was too shy to go places with him; even the idea of getting married and being the focus made me shrink although I loved him to bits! then I contacted amreeta and we started Hypnosis. Today I believe in myself and feel confident to go places and even visit the local pub with my future husband and even manage to have lots of fun!!”(lady in her late twenties, Wokingham)








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