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Hypnotherapy in Berkshire

Hypntherapy in Berkshire - The Hypnosis Clinic

Amreeta is trained as a Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist. As a hypnotherapist she specialises in treating emotional and mental issues such as, depression, panic attacks, phobias, low self-esteem, confidence problems, anger/aggression management, sexual abuse/problems as well as she works extensively with children/adolescents regarding issues of shyness, anger/aggression in school, exams fears, stammering, nail biting and bedwetting problems. Her hypnosis practice places are in Reading, Wokingham, Windsor and Slough where she sees clients on different days and times.

For a confidential discussion call Amreeta on 0118 926 9978 / 0786 129 3634 or visit Feel free to visit her website at www.innerpotential.info

Hypnosis for Amreeta is a valuable tool that she wishes to expand awareness about in schools and colleges as well as in therapy. She believes that the unconscious mind and its created scenarios of fears and inhibitions are of often the cause of symptoms and problems. A Hypnotherapist's work is focused in helping the client regain control over how the unconscious mind is working and make it work in the favor of the person, instead of carrying on past scenarios and learnings.








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