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Weight Loss without Dieting. You can loose weight in Cambridge & East London using Hypnotherapy

Weight Loss without Dieting in Cambridge- The Hypnosis Clinic

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is not about dieting. Its about giving you control of your eating. Without any conscious effort you will begin to eat less, put less food on your plate. You will notice that you no longer continually snack or graze.

Hypnotherapy will address the psychological reasons that you eat. Diets are fatiguing, food is always on your mind, hypnotherapy will mean intrinsically without conscious effort you reduce your calory intake.

For control of eating habits using Hypnotherapy in the Cambridge and East Anglia region,  Dr James Rutherford operates his practice out of the Frank Lee Centre, Addenbrrookes Hospital and the Joseph Clinic, South Woodford E18.

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Quote "….Just thought I would drop you a quick email updating you on my progress. I feel like I'm the old J.... again, the confident happy outgoing person. I am on such a high feeling positive all the time….I did extremely well on the diet during the holiday's and my weight loss to date is now 18lbs in 4 weeks. I am so glad that I decided to come and see you when I did…..

Quote   "Its Wednesday evening and so far so good, I'm feeling so much more relaxed around food and not craving sweets things.  I feel so much better, thank you, and I hope it continues...."    

Quote  "......inside 10 days I had stopped eating junk food, began leaving food on the plate, could be tempted to eat and drink and say no.... and now I have lost 7 lbs...."

Quote  " I certainly handle my life differently now since our sessions ...."

Eating habits can be readily changed, perhaps it is snacking or grazing,   a chocolate or cheese addiction,  too many potatoes or crisps.  Weight loss with hypnotherapy is about taking back control and being relaxed, calm and confident in your the way you react and behave in the presence of food.  Important in control of weight is setting positive goals, and seeing yourself in the future attaining those goals.  Eating habits can be readily changed if it is chocolate or cheese addiction,  too many potatoes or crisps,  or if it is just continual snacking, grazing or looking in the fridge.  Even if it is empty. 

Fasting, Binge eating followed by making yourself ill require control and learning to relax, taking away the need to distract yourself from unpleasant memories or jibes about your weight by continuous fasting or binge eating then making yourself ill. hypnotherapy is ideally suited to this.

Weight Loss we don't do diets they are a short term fix, life style has to change for control of eating and weight loss to be permanent.  Control has to be established and the reason for overeating treated.

The best way to control your weight is to reduce the total number of calories you take in and to be more physically active. Long-term success is not about finding the "right" diet. It's about identifying your behaviors that have contributed to taking in more calories than your body needs. It is also about making a plan to develop healthier eating and physical activity habits. For example, you may eat when you're under stress rather than when you're hungry. Choosing another activity to do when you feel stressed, such as taking a walk, may help you break the habit of eating at those times.

You're more likely to make changes in your habits if you set a specific goal for yourself. For example, instead of saying, "I'm going to lose 20 pounds," decide that you'll be more active every other day of the week. Be specific about what kind of activity you'll do and which days you'll do it. Your new goal might be: "During my lunch hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I'm going to walk for half an hour in the park." Once your new healthy behavior becomes a habit, you can move on to another goal.

Why is physical activity a big deal?

Physical activity builds muscles, so even if you don't lose pounds, you will look and feel better when you are more active. Being active also reduces your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes, even if you are overweight.


Weight Loss diets are a short term fix, life style has to change for weight loss to be permanent.  Control has to be established and the reason for overeating treated.

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