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Binge or Excessive drinking testimonial


Binge or Excessive Drinking in Cambridge - Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Issues with excessive drinking, bingeing and alcoholism can be resolved in a relatively few sessions of hypnotherapy, each session lasts 90 minutes and will leave you calm relaxed, and neutral to alcohol. 

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April 2007

Quote;...I am doing very well. No scotch, no vodka, plenty of energy and fresh ideas for the future, changes of work and domicile and new friendships & relationships. Hypnotherapy is amazing! FB

Feb. 2007.

Quote;...Just wanted to let you have an update....I have had a couple of nights where I drank nearly a bottle of wine that is already a huge leap forward not 1-2 bottles every night! I also have had many drink free nights and am really enjoying these so much so, that they are now more dominant and I drink very rarely at night now I wanted to thank you so very much and to let you know that life is so much more rewarding and energetic and my own again.    L


Quote;... Just a brief note to update you. The treatment is proving successful beyond my greatest expectations. I am now hardly drinking alcohol at all (less than 6 units a week) and now beginning to garner what I have termed the 'tea total dividend'. Lots of people have expressed interest and may well get in touch with you, I have told them that would need to discuss things fully with you before you will proceed. Many, many, thanks for your help. It goes without saying that I would be very pleased to provide a testimonial at any time.    John

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