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Stop Smoking in Manchester

Stop Smoking in Manchester - The Hypnosis Clinic

There are around 11 million ex-smokers in Britain you could become one of them. Although giving up is no easy thing many people find that hypnosis makes the difference.

Hypnotherapy offers a rapid and permanent way in 90 minutes to stop smoking with no other replacement cravings.

For more information e-mail Donna Craine or telephone 0773 876 06 21
For bookings only please call Sarah on 0161 257 2445  

Every smoker known that it may kill them, either directly through cancer or by increasing their chance of heart disease. Equally every smoker knows that as they are becoming rarer so they are becoming stigmatized due to the stench of smoke and the recent smoking ban. Just as every smoker smokes at different time and in different places so each smoker has their own reason to become a non-smoker, be it extra cash, health benefits or simple to make your family happy.
DC Hypnotherapy will work with you as an individual to help you make this change, so that you can break the smoking habit and become a non-smoker. Meaning that you can concentrate on experiencing the benefits of: a healthier complexion, a younger appearance, feeling and smelling fresher, whiter teeth, less stress, more free time, more energy and an enhanced sense of well being, more money and less guilt.
We offer a one session treatment package which will usually last for around one and a half hours catered specifically for your needs.



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