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Motivation this instant, in London

Motivation through Hypnosis - The London Hypnotherapy Clinic

Getting motivated to finish old projects, start new projects, or just to get out of bed in the morning and feel like work or study, can at times be very difficult.   Knowing that you are in the wrong job, but doing nothing about it, fearful of interviews, to the point of no longer applying for jobs.

Now is always time to act.  Using hypnotherapy we can train the mind to be relaxed about acting or making that new decision.

In a three very low key, 90 - 120 minute sessions of hypnotherapy you can unlock your potential to be active, enjoy life, feel different, feel relaxed in new environments and talk to new people.  (Pl ese note these are face to face sessions).

For a confidential discussion call Dr Jim Rutherford 0779 210 82 72 (biography)

or e-mail

No matter how much we use the conscious mind to tell our selves that we will be motivated, if the unconscious mind is not in tune then we will just freeze and do nothing.

This is where hypnosis can step in and in a very short time make the difference. 

Session 1;   Understanding the three aspects to motivation, Attitude, Behaviour, Training and an inventory to your motivation will be taken.  It is not important what it is at the moment, its where and how you will change it. Using Hypnosis to understand the ability to Act.

Session 2;    Blockages, Performance Anxieties and Specifics relative to the individual will be directly addressed.

Session 3;   The ability to Act and how visualisation will help this using self hypnosis. 







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