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Hypnotherapy Treatments in Cambridge

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Phobias - Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

You often see results after a a very short time using Hypnotherapy. Anxiety in typically three sessions, Phobias in two sessions and Stop Smoking in a single session.

For a confidential discussion telephone 0779 210 8272

or e-mail (click here) 

Hypnosis itself is not a therapy (however, it can be used to relax and take back control).  The conditions listed below are treated during the hypnotic trance by formally trained hypnotherapists, who have studied these particular conditions and practiced these treatments.

Use the drop down above for a specific condition that you need help with.  This list is not exhaustive so please phone to discuss your particular issue and how it is best dealt with.

tel: 0779 210 82 72

Anxiety in the work place, prompted by interaction with colleagues, having to give presentations or  feeling of not being thought of as valued work colleague, all these can lead to anxiety, anxiety attacks, heart palpitations, night terrors and consequent lack of motivation.   Hence your life and career suffers.  Hypnosis can be used to relax and calm and then dissociate you from the situation giving rise to the anxiety.  Anxiety / Stress

Panic attacks  See Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

Pain, hypnotherapy can be used to allow the patient to cope more efectively with the debilitating effect of pains, back or joint, long or short term.  Anxious patients tend to be more susepatble to the effects of pain so each session of pain control includes calming and relaxation strategies and tools for the patient to go away with. For more information click on Living with Pain

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  telephone to discuss 0779 210 82 72 or
email IBS@thehypnosisclinic.co.uk

Smoking  A one session cure for heavy or social smokers

Phobias    However irrational the fear,  that fear or anxiety is real to the sufferer.  Phobias
Social contact (Dating)
Open spaces
Closed spaces

Clinical conditions  Contact The Hypnosis Clinic for a discussion.
          Including: Bruxism (teeth grinding), skin conditions, snoring, nail biting

Weight loss  Diets are a short term fix, life style has to change for weight loss to be permanent.

Work related stress   It cannot cure but it can elevate the stress concerning,  performance, targets, a person or people at work who just demotivate you, or just change totally that journey to work which is currently wasted time. more information

Exam nerves ,  No replacement for learning but reduce panic, and help in remembering those facts.

Memory enhancement ,  Improve your ability to recall facts and dates objects.

To book an appointment or to discuss please contact   info@thehypnosisclinic.co.uk


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