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Phobia of Flying, Cambridge

Phobia Fear of Flying - The Hypnosis Clinic Cambridge

The fear of flying, or being in the confined cabin of a plain, the dread of the journey to the airport can ruin the thought of a holliday or put severe stress on a business trip.

Hypnotherapy in a short nuber of sessions before and just prior to your flight can take away the fear of flying. For a discussion call 0779 210 82 72 or e-mail; resolve the fear of flying

For Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy for the phobia, fear of flying in the Cambridge and East Anglia region Dr Jim Rutherford operates his practice out of the Frank Lee Center, Addenbrookes Hospital.

Jim Rutherford works with his own practice and has referrals from nhs/ private pain consultants as well as providing help with anxiety for the occupational health service at SWBH, Birmingham.

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Hypnotherapy for phobias can often give relatively rapid improvement of the quality of life for the phobia sufferer.  Phobias, the abnormal fear of a particular object or situation are often brought about by learning from family members, extreme stress or specific stressful events.

The Hypnotherapy treatment for phobias involves the deep relaxation of the patient followed by visualisation of the stressing event while relaxed and calm, such that the habitual response to the stressing event is broken and replaced with a calm more rational behaviour.

Hypnosis can use direct suggestion, cognitive or behavioural therapy as well as (but not

always) regression.  Whatever your particular anxiety, fear or phobia we will explain exactly how hypnotherapy can help you overcome your problem. 

A three session course with self hypnosis often is enough to dramatically improve your quality of life.    

Many people just don't know what to expect the first time they try hypnosis.   There are some simple rules.

  • Under hypnosis the patient never loses control.
  • The hypnotherapists will only amplify your own will power.
  • After hypnotherapy there is no loss of memory.

If you have any doubts call the practitioner to discuss any aspect of the treatment.

All clinical conditions can be alleviated;

  • Anxiety, Stress control, Panic attacks, Bad dreams,
  • Social anxiety,
  • Hypochondria,
  • Stop Smoking,
  • Weight Control,
  • Insomnia,
  • Phobias
  • Sexual dysfunction


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