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BBC Radio and Stop Smoking

On a regular basis, Dr Jim Rutherford is asked to describe the method and process on hypnotherapy for stop smoking.  As part of the Men's Health awareness week he offered one listener a free stop smoking session For more details on hypnotherapy for stop smoking (click on) Stop Smoking or download (click on) a brochure.  As part of Bret Birks attempt to give up smoking ifor BBC West Midlands Dr Jim Rutherford hypnotised Brett to make him give up his secret and residual smoking when enjoying himself in the pub.

   "Hypnosis is not about giving up control"

   "you use emotional triggers into the unconscious mind..."

   "the success rate for those people who want to give up but have difificulty starting is in the 90%



For more information contact  Jim Rutherford at 0779 210 82 72.




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