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Self Hypnosis


Train yourself in self hypnosis to overcome issues and to change the way you behave.


Self Hypnosis can be used for;


Stress Management

Goal Attainment

Making changes in your life

To regain control of your life


An integral part of any hypno therapy is giving the person training in self hypnosis, to practice techniques for relaxation and to install new behaviours.



How often have New years resolutions only lasted a few days?  This is because they are made with the conscious part of the mind.  The real strength lies in communicating with the unconscious part of the mind to accept and internalise the changes you want.  This is where self hypnosis comes to the fore.  Directly communicating with the unconscious while in a very relaxed state to deal with your issues.


Specific topics that self hypnosis can be used for are;



Anxiety elevation.

Strengthening the emotional and mental barriers.

Replacing inappropriate behaviour with more relevant appropriate behaviour.

Motivation and management of time.

Performance Anxiety.

For most of the 20th century hypnosis has been out of favour, and science that separated the body from the mind dominated medicine. Now, community interest in holistic treatment is growing. Hypnosis and Meditation, are no longer dismissed as New Age - a term that for many is synonymous with "suspicious" s.


All clinical conditions can be alleviated;

        • Anxiety, Stress control, Panic attacks, Bad dreams,
        • Social anxiety,
        • Hypochondria,
        • Stop Smoking,
        • Weight Control,
        • Insomnia,
        • Phobias
        • Sexual disfunction




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